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Upcoming Travel: SxSW and Malofiej

I will be at South-by-Southwest (SxSW) this year to speak on a panel, and also take part in the Malofiej awards and summit, where I will be a judge and speaker. Here are some pointers for those of you who might be at one (or both!) of those events.


The panel I am on has the straight-forward title, Data Visualization is Dead, Long Live Data Visualization! Irene Ros (a former member of IBM's VCL, incidentally) is the organizer, and it also includes Dylan Lathrop and Rosten Woo. Between the artistic and pragmatic proponents of visualization, design, infographics, presentation, and analysis, we should have a few things to talk about.

It will take place on Monday, March 12, 12:30pm in Ballroom A of the Austin Convention Center.


Otherwise known as the Pulitzer Prize of Information Graphics, the Malofiej Awards are an exciting place for journalists, designers, and visual communicators to show their work and get recognized. There are two parts to this: the awards themselves, which are judged by an international group of practitioners and academics in a variety of fields, and the summit where a number of interesting people are going to speak. The program for the latter (PDF) is online, and the lineup is very impressive. It includes the likes of Alberto Cairo, John Grimwade, Nigel Holmes, Simon Rogers, Andrew Vande Moere, to name just a few.

I will certainly write about my impressions and lessons learned from Malofiej, and I expect it to be extremely inspiring and thought-provoking.

Posted by Robert Kosara on March 8, 2012.