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Live-Microblog from VisWeek (InfoVis/VAST/Vis) 2008

As promised earlier, I will be live-blogging VisWeek 2008, which will take place next week in Columbus, OH. I will mostly attend InfoVis and VAST, with the odd Vis session and workshop thrown in. The live-blog will appear in a box at the top of the frontpage, and there will be a separate RSS feed for these posts. Coverage should start Sunday (October 19) morning, and there will also be pictures.

This is an experiment, and we'll see how much interest there will be. The idea is stolen from Mr. FlowingData, though in contrast I'm planning on actually following through. 😉 I will write about the sessions I attend, papers I find notable, and any insights I think are worth sharing.

The plan is to write about 5-10 postings a day, depending on things I find interesting and how much time I have. I call these "glimpses," as a little play on "tweets." The reason I'm not using Twitter for this is that Twitter is just too limiting for any kind of meaningful comment, and I want to be able to post links without that abomination of tinyURL. I'm also still debating whether to activate comments on those glimpses, because they're not really meant to be full postings (i.e., there won't be a teaser and body, only the body) – but that's another thing I can't do with Twitter.

Having said that, I do use Twitter, and I will tweet things when I don't have my laptop with me, or the information does not seem relevant enough for this site.

I will also take pictures, as I have in the past (like at Vis 2004 and 2005, and a few other venues). I will try to post these quickly to Flickr, and then link there from here. Expect pictures especially from the social events, and perhaps a few taken during the day (I generally do not carry my camera with me all the time, especially because I'm not staying at the conference hotel).

To those of you going to Columbus, I hope to meet many of you! And to the rest: I hope you'll at least get an idea of what you're missing from the liveblog ...

Teaser image from the always brilliant xkcd (used under creative commons).

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 16, 2008.