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Site Changes Coming, How to Follow Sites, and Where I’ve Been

This site has been around for over 16 years now, and a lot has changed in the world during that time. I’m currently working on an overhaul and wanted to give everybody an idea of what I’m thinking about and why there has been little activity. In light of recent developments, here are also some good ways to follow good old-fashioned blogs and an alternative to Twitter.

Midjourney is a Trip

Of the several AI-powered systems that can create images from text prompts, MidJourney is the most easily accessible one right now. I’ve had some fun playing with it,

Watch My Outlier Talk: This Should Have Been A Bar Chart!

I gave a talk at the Outlier conference earlier this year, with the somewhat elaborate title, The Joys – and Dangers – of Bespoke and Unusual Chart Types. Though I eventually decided to go with the much shorter, This Should Have Been A Bar Chart! You can watch it on YouTube now.