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Visualization and Visual Communication

What's happening in information visualization? Robert Kosara digests new and emerging developments and explores what we know and don't know – so we can be less wrong about visualization.

Review: Jon Schwabish, Better Presentations

Presentations can be dreadful. Badly thought-out slides, boring structure, poorly delivered. I once told a colleague after a practice talk to please shoot me before she’d ever make me sit through such a talk again (to be fair, she had called the talk boring herself before she even began).

The Problem with Vis Taxonomies

Most taxonomies in visualization and HCI are useless. They carve up the space, but they don’t provide new insights or make predictions. Designing a useful taxonomy is a difficult problem, but that's no excuse for publishing lots of mediocre ones.

RJ Andrews’ Profiling the Parks

RJ Andrews has created a great little video about the National Parks in the U.S. Have you ever thought about how the different parks compare? Which one is wider, which one is deeper, which one's at higher or lower elevation?

Dealing with Paper Rejections

For some reason, the topic of reviewing and getting papers rejected came up several times in conversations at VIS recently. Getting your work rejected and learning to deal with rejection is part of life as an academic, and it’s worthwhile to think about the process a bit.