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Visualization and Visual Communication

What's happening in information visualization? Robert Kosara digests new and emerging developments and explores what we know and don't know – so we can be less wrong about visualization.

In Praise of the Diagonal Reference Line

Annotations are what set visual communication and journalism apart from just visualization. They often consist of text, but some of the most useful annotations are graphical elements, and many of them are very simple. One type I have a particular fondness for is the diagonal reference line, which has been used to provide powerful context in past news pieces, and is making a comeback in the COVID-19 charts.

The Visual Evolution of the “Flattening the Curve” Information Graphic

Communication has been quite a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, and data visualization hasn't been the most helpful given the low quality of the data – see Amanda Makulec's plea to think harder about making another coronavirus chart. A great example of how to do things right is the widely-circulated Flatten the Curve information graphic/cartoon. […]

eagereyesTV: What Is Data? Part 2, Are Images Data?

Visualization turns data into images, but are images themselves data? There are often claims that they are, but then you mostly see the images themselves without much additional data. In this video, I look at image browsers, a project classifying selfies along a number of criteria, and the additional information stored in HEIC that makes […]