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Visualization and Visual Communication, digested for you and presented by Robert Kosara

New video: Gauges for Data Visualization, The NY Times Election Needle, and Circular Bar Charts

Gauges aren’t very popular in visualization, but they have some interesting properties. There is, of course, the infamous NY Times “election needle,” but you’re probably using gauges every day without giving them too much thought. There’s also an interesting connection with circular bar charts, which I think can work well when used as part-to-whole charts. I talk about all of this in my new video.

Paper: More Than Meets the Eye: A Closer Look at Encodings in Visualization

Encodings play a central role in visualization, but I believe our thinking about them is too simplistic. In a new paper, I argue that we need to distinguish between the encodings that specify how a visualization is drawn and the ones that are readable or actually read by an observer. While they largely or entirely […]

The (Possible) Stratagem Behind the Biden Bar

A bar chart with a distorted vertical axis isn’t very unusual. But what if that chart was posted by the White House and what if it was done on purpose – not to overstate the number shown, but rather to evoke a particular kind of response?