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New video: Chart Appreciation, Iraq’s Bloody Toll by Simon Scarr

How do you make people not just see numbers when looking at a chart, but feel something? This chart of the number of deaths during the Iraq war has always given me a visceral response like no other, and it’s still as powerful as when it was made almost ten years ago. So I made a chart appreciation video to explain what I think is so great about it.

When the Wrong Chart Is the Right Choice

We all agree that the direction of the bars in a bar chart should correspond to the direction in which the values grow. Or do we? When it comes to running or audio recording and processing, it turns out that the seemingly wrong choice can be the right one – because a more semantically meaningful representation […]

New Video: Linear vs. Quadratic Change

Scaling objects to represent a value is a key part of visualization, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Especially when it comes to fancy infographic bar charts, it can easily distort the value’s appearance. Why that is, and where else this can happen, isn’t always obvious. In my new video, I show how it happens […]