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Midjourney is a Trip

Of the several AI-powered systems that can create images from text prompts, MidJourney is the most easily accessible one right now. I’ve had some fun playing with it,

New video: Gauges for Data Visualization, The NY Times Election Needle, and Circular Bar Charts

Gauges aren’t very popular in visualization, but they have some interesting properties. There is, of course, the infamous NY Times “election needle,” but you’re probably using gauges every day without giving them too much thought. There’s also an interesting connection with circular bar charts, which I think can work well when used as part-to-whole charts. I talk about all of this in my new video.

Watch My Outlier Talk: This Should Have Been A Bar Chart!

I gave a talk at the Outlier conference earlier this year, with the somewhat elaborate title, The Joys – and Dangers – of Bespoke and Unusual Chart Types. Though I eventually decided to go with the much shorter, This Should Have Been A Bar Chart! You can watch it on YouTube now.