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Visualization and Visual Communication

What's happening in information visualization? Robert Kosara digests new and emerging developments and explores what we know and don't know – so we can be less wrong about visualization.

An Outsider’s Guide to the IEEE VIS Conference 2020

Want to watch a keynote by a Nobel laureate, catch the presentations of the best papers, or attend a workshop on visualization for communication? The IEEE VIS conference is taking place online in two weeks, October 25 to 30, and is free to attend this year. Here are a few starting points if you’ve never been to VIS and don’t know why you should attend or what to watch.

New eagereyesTV Video and Series: Chart Appreciation

Time to breathe new life into my little YouTube channel, which I’m calling eagereyesTV. I’m doing so with the start of a new series I’m calling Chart Appreciation. Each episode will be on one particular visualization, news piece, or interactive. As the first one, I picked Hannah Fairfield’s Driving Safety, in Fits and Starts from […]

Prior Work We Missed In Our Connected Scatterplots Paper

In 2016, Steve Haroz, Steven Franconeri, and I published a paper on a technique commonly called the Connected Scatterplot. It turns out that somebody else had research on essentially the same chart 15 years earlier, which we were not aware of. Our work is quite different, but it’s interesting context and it’s also worth reflecting […]