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Map of the Market, 2008-09-29

The Market Meltdown in Living Color

Images speak louder than words. A lot louder. It would be hard to find a more vivid and impressive visualization of what happened today on the New York Stock Exchange.

If you're wondering what that little green spot is: it's Barrick Gold, with a plus of 4.53%. Good for them.

You can take a look at the mess yourself at SmartMoney's Map of the Market. Or if we're already back to something resembling sanity, click the thumb below for a full-sized screenshot.

Market Meltdown, 2008-09-29

Here's another one, thanks to Michael Payne for the link! FinViz looks quite interesting, though their map is a bit overloaded. Looks great, though.


Posted by Robert Kosara on September 29, 2008.