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A Few VisWeek Pointers

What good is a blog if it doesn’t serve the noble goal of self-promotion? Here are a few pointers to papers I’m involved in at VisWeek, as well a job posting that’s kind of my fault.


Aritra Dasgupta and I have a position paper at BELIV, titled The Importance of Tracing Data Through the Visualization Pipeline. The idea is to extend the rather limited traditional visualization pipeline by also considering the user side, as well as turning it into a closed loop. I will present this paper in the second morning session on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, and unfortunately at the same time, Adam Price will present a paper he wrote with Cynthia Gibas and me at BioVis, Gene-RiViT: A visualization tool for comparative analysis of gene neighborhoods in prokaryotes. It’s a neat tool that does what many horribly clunky, text-based things are currently trying to do, but in a sleek and fast visual interface. It’s written in D3, runs in the browser, and talks to a server backend created with node.js and an OLAP-style database.

To round out the tour of workshops, Aritra and I have a paper in LDAV on Meta Parallel Coordinates for Visualizing Features in Large, High-Dimensional, Time-varying Data. We were hoping to have all three presentations in parallel, but this one was unfortunately pushed to Monday, the session after the keynote. The paper turns parallel coordinates on themselves by using them not to visualize the data, but metrics about what parallel coordinates would look like if they showed the data. Meta!

Tenure-Track/Tenured Professor at UNC Charlotte

So apparently somebody recently left UNC Charlotte, and they’re now looking for a replacement. This is a tenure-track or tenured faculty position in the computer science department at UNC Charlotte. If you’re curious about the department, the college, the Charlotte Visualization Center, etc., talk to me at VisWeek. Also, make sure to find the other UNC Charlotte folks there (there will be quite a few); in particular, you should talk to Bill Ribarsky, who is not only running the visualization center, he’s also the chair of the computer science department.

VisWeek Coverage

I will be tweeting from VisWeek a bit, but only occasionally and only real highlights. It's really difficult to tweet and follow what's going in any meaningful way, and I also know that tweet torrents can be annoying to read (because of the lack of context, among other reasons).

Just like with EuroVis, I will try to write daily summaries here. Given the number of parties and other events planned at night, I might skip a day or two, but I will do my best to keep you informed about the most important stuff.

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 10, 2012. Filed under VisWeek.