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The Season of Storytelling: Kicking It Off With A Podcast

It's (almost) Fall – a good time for telling stories! Jon Schwabish invited me to be on his PolicyViz podcast again to kick off its new season. And I have a long list of things to write about around that topic, too.

But first, the podcast: Jon and I talked about what it means for something to be a story, and how you tell a story about data. Much of it revolved around the ideas in my EuroVis short paper on argument structure. It was a fun and interesting conversation, and Jon kept it moving nicely.

Xaquín González Veira, former Visual Editor at The Guardian, has written an interesting piece in response. One of his points mirrors what I said (or meant to say):

Too many pieces of data journalism fail to explain existing connections between the different bits of data it guides readers through.

I have a few more things to say on this in particular, and on storytelling in general. I'm not making this a very tight series on storytelling, but most of the next two months will be devoted to the topic in one way or another.

Posted by Robert Kosara on September 13, 2017. Filed under storytelling.