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Visualization for Communication Workshop Deadline Pushed to July 15

You may not be aware that we’re organizing the Visualization for Communication (VisComm) workshop at VIS again this year. That’s why we’ve decided to push back the deadline to July 15, so you can submit all your amazing research papers, position papers, posters, and visual case studies.

We had a nice program at last year and quite a bit of interest at the conference – more than I expected, to be honest, especially given the competition with other workshops, tutorials, and even Information+.

The workshop covers anything related to using visualization for communication: journalism, non-profits, education, business presentation; broad dissemination or one-to-one; academic research and practical perspectives.

The latter is why we accept not just the traditional research and position papers, but also visual case studies. If you’re a journalist, designer, communicator, etc., and have interesting work you want to show, send us a brief write-up with a link or video!

The workshop will be part of the IEEE VIS conference at the end of October in Vancouver, BC. More information on how to submit, etc., can be found on the workshop website.

Posted by Robert Kosara on June 21, 2019.