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CFP: The Third Workshop on Visualization for Communication (VisComm) at VIS 2020

At IEEE VIS this year, we're organizing the third Workshop on Visualization for Communication, also known as VisComm. The deadline is July 16, so still plenty of time to put together a paper, whether on communicating around COVID-19 or not. We're not only looking for the usual academic research, but also visual case studies, which means work by journalists, designers, or non-profits.

We've had a good response to the workshop the first two years, both from within the research community and from outside. Last year, the (admittedly small) room we were in was packed to the point where people were standing in the doors to see what was being presented.

Communication with data has become more important than ever in the last few months, such as the flattening the curve and the widely-used COVID-19 tracking charts. This is obviously a topic of interest for the workshop, and we're looking both for what can be learned from what has been done, and ideas for what other ways data around the pandemic can be communicated.

We're in no way limiting the topic, however. Any and all submissions dealing with the presentation and communication (as opposed to analysis) of data are welcome.

In addition to the usual academic work presented at VIS, we're also looking for visual case studies. These include new graphics, work by non-profits, designers, and others, that communicate data. We 're looking for a link and a short write-up.

Work needs to be submitted through the PrecisionConference site, which members of the VIS community know well, but isn't the most user-friendly website in the world. Let us know if you have trouble submitting your work, we're happy to help!

VisComm will be part of the IEEE VIS conference to be held October 25-30 in Salt Lake City, UT (guess where in SLC I took the picture at the top!). The organizers so far have only said that there will be a "remote option," though given how virtually every other conference has gone online-only, I doubt that there will be a meatspace manifestation of VIS this year.

For more details and the full CFP, see the workshop website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Posted by Robert Kosara on June 14, 2020. Filed under Visual Communication.