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Tapestry 2018, Details and Keynote Speakers

We recently announced the speakers for Tapestry 2018, which takes place November 29 and 30 at the University of Miami. It will again be focused on telling stories with data, but we're also making a few changes.

This will be the sixth time we're organizing the conference, so we figured we'd change things up a bit. First, we're moving from a single day to a day and a half. That will give us a bit more time to include things like an unconference part, have more time for breaks and social activities, etc.

Alberto Cairo is hosting us at the University of Miami this year, at the beautiful Newman Alumni Center. Miami will the perfect place to get away from the cold and gray in late November (for us Seattle folks, certainly!), and we made sure to stay way outside of Hurricane season.

We're also changing the registration model, from an invite-only (or -first) to one where you can simply register. I know, it's pretty radical, but let's see how it works out!


Tapestry 2018 Speakers: Mona, Matt, Elijah

What has not changed is that we'll have three keynote speakers: Mona Chalabi (journalist and lover of numbers), Matthew Kay (professor and communicator of uncertainty), and Elijah Meeks (visualization engineer and surveyor of the community). We have some more information about them on our new Tapestry blog (which we just moved to Medium).

We'll also be adding more information about past conferences so you know what the fuss is about, but for the moment you can watch last year's talks on the archive page and all the talks ever given at Tapestry on our YouTube channel. I'm embedding a little "sizzle reel" below that we made after the conference in 2014.

Excited? We certainly are! Head on over to the Tapestry website and register!

Posted by Robert Kosara on September 26, 2018.