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EuroVis Coverage and Running

For people not attending EuroVis: I will be tweeting from there next week and write postings here, like I have in the previous years. For people who will be attending: let's meet up and run!

EuroVis Coverage

I will be tweeting during the sessions – assuming there's Wifi – Tuesday through Friday (June 7–10). EuroVis being in the Netherlands, this will be during the day Central European Time. For people a few hours away, I will be trying a new thing: create a Twitter collection of all my tweets. I'll tweet that a few times when it's day in the U.S.

I will also write summary postings here, though I likely won't write one per day. The first one probably won't be before Wednesday, and then another one after the conference on Friday. That might change, but it won't be as up-to-the-moment as Twitter.


The EuroVis and VIS "running clubs" have been a bit hit-and-miss, but I'm not ready to give up. Bring your running shoes and drop me a note if you're interested in joining. I'll figure out a good place to start from (somewhere central in Groningen). We'll probably leave at 7am (sharp!) and go for about 45-50 minutes.

The teaser image above is from Strava's running heat map for Groningen. Looks like a great place for a few little pre-conference morning runs!

Posted by Robert Kosara on June 1, 2016. Filed under eurovis.