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Paper on Visualization Criticism in CG&A

A paper on visualization criticism just appeared in the Visualization Viewpoints section of this month's Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A). Authors are yours truly, Fritz Drury, Lars Erik Holmquist, and David Laidlaw.

The idea behind this article was to discuss the background of vis criticism a bit, talk about practical experiences, and offer a glimpse into a possible future. David and Fritz share their experiences teaching a class of computer science and design students, where critiquing played a big role. Lars responds to my criticism with a critique of critiquing. And I claim that criticism is something we're already doing (paper reviews) and need to do more to further develop the theory in our field.

Robert Kosara, Fritz Drury, Lars Erik Holmquist, and David H. Laidlaw, Visualization Criticism, Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A), Visualization Viewpoints, vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 13–15, 2008.

Posted by Robert Kosara on May 1, 2008. Filed under papers.