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Le Tour de VIS

The VIS Sports Authority

When you think of a conference, does sitting around a lot come to mind? Lots of food? Bad coffee? No time to work out? For the first time in VIS history, there will be a way to exercise your body, not just your mind. The VIS Sports Authority, which is totally an official thing that I didn’t just make up, will kick your ass at VIS 2014.

There will be two disciplines: cycling and running. Jason Dykes is running the cycling team, and I will be driving the runners.

Le Tour de VIS

Jason is way more organized than I am, having put together not just a real website with a logo, but actually ordered bike jerseys. Cycling has somewhat more complicated logistics though, so that is certainly a good thing. I hear Jason has even picked out the soundtrack for the race already.

The Vélo Club de VIS will embark on Le Tour de VIS (this is apparently named after some sort of bike race) on the Saturday after the conference, November 15.

Go to one of the pages linked above to get more information, like a map of the planned route, and to sign up.

VIS Runners

The running will be a bit more low-key. I couldn’t think of a better name than VIS Runners, so let’s just run with that (unless you want me to call us Eager Runners).

However, running will not happen after the conference, but during. Since the receptions and parties are in the evenings, it makes the most sense to go out in the mornings. My current plan is to meet at the conference hotel at about 6:30am, then run for about an hour, so we’ll be back by 7:30.

For the distance, I’m thinking no more than 6 miles/10 kilometers, but that can be adjusted. We probably won’t do more than three runs, and in particular will likely skip Thursday (after the reception Wednesday night).

The course should be different every day to get some variety, and will depend on the distance people want to go. If you’re a local or just know your way around Paris, I’d appreciate your input in the route planning, too!

I’m embedding a form below (also available here) to collect some information about when and how far people want to go, and to get people’s names so I can follow up later.

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