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This website is now thirteen years old. While it has slowed down somewhat recently, it’s still alive and kicking. Now in its teens, it is looking for new experiences and trying out new things.

I can barely even look at the calendar these days, it looks so empty recently. This year has been the slowest, with this post not even being the 13th so far this year. And yet, it’s doing better than many other blogs at this age. Thirteen is a lot in blog years.

eagereyesTV, my new YouTube channel, is an effort to breathe some new life into this thing – and also to teach this old dog some new tricks. In the past, some people made fun of the fact that I’d been writing about visualization without using a lot of images. Some of those same people then went on to start podcasts about visualization. Podcasts.

Anyway, there are many things that can be explained better with moving images, and there are other topics that are perfect for writing. It’s often actually distracting to see imagery when the point to be made is more theoretical or conceptual. And still, there’s a lot to be done with visuals that explain and discuss and just plain show visualization. And YouTube has very little visualization content.

The response has been quite positive so far, with over 200 subscribers in a couple of weeks with only a single video up so far. That certainly beat my expectations. The next videos are in the works (I promise!), but this has turned out to be an incredible amount of work, which is slowing things down a bit.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that a YouTube channel is not a way to produce tons of content in the same amount of time, at least not the way I want to do it. But even if nothing else, it has taught me a lot about video, lighting, sound, etc., over the last few months, and still is. The high-touch way I create my videos is the only way I want to do that, and the only way I really want to do anything.

This is really what this blog has been about all along: doing my own thing, learning, thinking, exploring. And I’m glad that there are people out there willing to come along for the ride.

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 2, 2019. Filed under meta.