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Various VisWeek Workshops

I want to call your attention to three interesting workshops that will be held at VisWeek 2010 in October in Salt Lake City. One is on storytelling in visualization, another on visual analytics in healthcare, and a third one on theory in infovis. The deadlines for two of them are coming up soon.

Telling Stories With Data

If you haven't watched the Hans Rosling video yet, you probably haven't realized that visualization isn't just there for data analysis, it's also a great tool for telling stories. Also, you really need to get out from under that rock.

Anyway, the workshop Telling Stories with Data aims to bring together people who are interested in this topic, and want to discuss ideas, approaches, etc. They also have a facebook page that you can subscribe to to get updates, even if you're only planning on attending without presenting.

The deadline for this workshop is August 4, they want a one-page abstract with bio, and you'll get 20 minutes to present at the workshop.

Visual Analytics in Health Care

While medical applications are huge in scientific visualization, they haven't really made their way into infovis and visual analytics. This workshop on Visual Analytics in Health Care is targeted at researchers working with medical records, on drug discovery, pandemic forecasting, etc.

The deadline is August 27, you can submit a paper with up to eight pages. Accepted submissions will be presented as posters or in oral presentations. Authors of selected papers will also be invited to submit to a special issue of the Information Visualization journal.

The Role of Theory in Information Visualization

Last, but certainly not least, is the important topic of theory in information visualization. The workshop I am organizing together with T.J. Jankun-Kelly and Chris Weaver is titled The Role of Theory in Information Visualization. We want to hear your thoughts on what constitutes theory in infovis, what questions we need to address, and how to do that.

We also stole the idea of setting up a facebook page from the storytelling workshop. Thanks for the idea, guys!

The deadline for submissions for this workshop is August 2, with a limit of two pages for your abstract. We will select a number of submissions for three minute provocations, not full presentations. Selected authors will also be invited to submit to a special issue of a journal later.

These are just the three workshops I know of. Feel free to post pointers to others below.

Posted by Robert Kosara on July 27, 2010.