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VIS Running Club 2015

I will organize runs again at IEEE VIS in Chicago two weeks from now. As with previous years, organization will be minimal: just show up ready to run. I will prepare routes in the 3-6mi (5-10km) range.

If you want to know what being organized looks like, check out the Velo Club de VIS: they have a website, a meetup, fancy bikes, a hashtag, and probably a selfie drone or two.

For the runs, let's just meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We can decide to also run on Friday, but I'm going to keep that one optional, so check with me before (unless you want to go on your own).

For the routes, I will look at where people run on Strava. However, I suspect that we'll simply go out to the lake and run along there. That seems like the obvious option, and we might get a glimpse of a pretty sunrise there.

We did this the first time last year at VIS, and it was a lot of fun to run around Paris in the dark. I also tried it at EuroVis, but it was mostly just Stephen Kobourov and me. It was a great way to see some more of Cagliari though.

So pack your shoes and shorts (and maybe some warm running clothes and a beanie/tuque) and join us! I know it's early but it's really the only time that works with all the parties and dinners and things planned for the nights.

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 15, 2015. Filed under IEEEVIS.