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New Vis Research Blog: Multiple Views

While activity on this site has been a bit slow this year, I’ve helped start a new group blog focused on visualization research, called Multiple Views.

Visualization research is difficult to access for most people who aren't academics: you have to find the papers, you have to have access to the digital libraries or know where to find free copies, etc. Many people are curious about what is happening in visualization research, though, and manage to follow the field despite our best efforts.

The goal of Multiple Views is to provide this access: paper explainers, reports from conferences, background on a variety of visualization topics, etc. Jessica Hullman has written a nice introduction of what we think the visualization research is and should be, and the current list of postings includes thoughts on visualization literacy, some background on perceptual studies in visualization, a couple VIS reports, etc.

The name was chosen deliberately and isn't just a pun on a visualization term: it is run by four people, and the goal is to get people in the field to contribute. Are you doing research in visualization and want to write about your work in a way that is approachable and interesting for non-academics? Talk to us! Our goal is to solicit postings from others rather than write ourselves.

To make this as easy as possible, we created the blog on Medium. Anybody can sign up for an account easily there (if you’re on Twitter, logging in via Twitter is the most natural), and the writing interface is clean and simple. And who knows, maybe a Multiple Views posting is the starting point for your own blog!

The blog is set up as a Medium publication, which means it aggregates postings. Authors can submit articles either as drafts (which the editors can then comment on) or already-published stories. The stories retain their original authors no matter how they have been submitted and can be included in multiple publications. That means we can republish stories written for other blogs, and others can do the same with the stories we publish.

Blog personnel consists of Enrico Bertini (NYU), Jessica Hullman (Northwestern University), Danielle Albers Szafir (University of Colorado), and yours truly.

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Posted by Robert Kosara on December 10, 2018.