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Data Stories Episode About Data Storytelling

How is it possible that it has taken a podcast called Data Stories 35 episodes to get to the topic of data storytelling? Alberto Cairo and I helped get the topic straightened out, and I think we even convinced Moritz that stories are not the enemy of exploration. It was a fun episode to record, and it touches on many interesting topics.

It all started with Moritz trolling the Tapestry conference hashtag.

Then he wrote a blog posting arguing that we should build worlds rather than tell stories. At the same time, he and Enrico were already talking to Alberto and me about doing an episode of the podcast about the topic.

Data Stories, Episode 35

Episode 35 of the podcast, featuring Alberto Cairo and myself as guests, was published today. Alberto has written up an entire posting about his thoughts (and stolen my amazing screenshot). I also wrote my two recent storytelling posts (worlds and stories, definition of story) in preparation for this podcast.

The resulting discussion touched on a number of topics, and we covered a lot of ground. There is certainly more to be said, but this is a great starting point. We certainly had lots of fun recording it, and I think it will be interesting to listen to.

Some may be wondering why I'm on the podcast again, since I've been a guest a few times before. I won't name names here, though.

What can I say? First, Andy Kirk is has been on the podcast more often than I have, so there. Also, if those people who complain blogged more, perhaps they would be asked to be on podcasts, too! Just sayin'.

Now go and listen to Data Stories about data storytelling.

Posted by Robert Kosara on April 16, 2014. Filed under Data Stories.