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Watch the TCC Keynote Live on Monday

The Tableau Customer Conference (TCC) starts tomorrow with a big keynote that includes demos of upcoming features. Watch it live at this link, and see me demo something new and exciting.

Now don’t think that this is purely a marketing keynote. The people there are almost all customers already, so they don’t need to be convinced. CEO Christian Chabot gives a great talk about how discoveries happen based on data, and some of the features we will be presenting will also be of more general interest.

The entire keynote will be about two hours long. It starts with a 45-minute presentation by Christian Chabot. Then, Chris Stolte (Chief Development Officer) will give a presentation on some great thinkers in computing how they changed the way we work with software. At the end, Chris will ask seven developers onto the stage.

That’s where I come in, as one of the developers: I will be showing a very cool new feature. Chris will talk about the bigger vision for each of the features we demo.

TCC Developers on Stage

Here’s the link again, as well as the times on Monday when the keynote starts in different time zones (don't expect it to start exactly on time, though, we might be a few minutes late).

  • Europe (CEST): 7:15pm
  • Great Britain (BST): 6:15pm
  • U.S. East Coast (EDT): 1:15pm
  • U.S. West Coast (PDT): 10:15am

What you won’t be getting in the live stream is the amazing 200ft (70m) wide screen and some of the production values. But you will get to see the result of several months of work by about 20 people, and a production that goes way beyond anything you’re likely to experience at an academic conference.

Photo from our rehearsal tonight, courtesy of Brian Lockhart.

Update: I've replaced the links with ones that lead to the recorded stream. My part starts at 1:41:50, with the introduction by Chris Stolte and then my demo.

Posted by Robert Kosara on September 8, 2013.