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Data Stories Podcast: 2013 in Review, Outlook to 2014

The Data Stories podcast starts the new year with Andy Kirk and me as guests. With the hosts, Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, we discuss the major developments of 2013 and look ahead to what 2014 has in store.

Data Stories Screencap 1

You can listen to the podcast episode directly on its page, but you should really subscribe using your favorite podcast app. If you don't have one, at least subscribe to the feed.

Andy and I are Data Stories veterans, with Andy having appeared four times now, and this being my third time (the first one was a year ago, and Enrico and I recorded one episode at VIS). Pros that we are, we were able to seamlessly talk over some of the glitches and lost connections. Mostly.

Many of the things we discussed are also covered in my State of Information Visualization posting from two weeks ago. And while we were obviously discussing matters of great seriousness, there were also some lighter moments.

Data Stories Screencap 2

Posted by Robert Kosara on January 26, 2014. Filed under Data Stories.