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VisComm Workshop at VIS and Tapestry 2018

If you're into visualization for communication and storytelling, these two events should be on your radar: the Visualization for Communication Workshop (VisComm) at VIS and Tapestry 2018.


Ben Watson and I are chairing a new workshop at IEEE VIS that is focused on the uses of visualization for communication: whether it's journalism, education, health, business reports, or something else. We're hoping to get people from both the research and the practice fields, which is why we're accepting not just short papers but also visual case studies. We're looking for all sorts of interesting ideas and studies, ways of evaluating vis for communication, stories of spectacular success or failure, design studies, etc.

The VisComm website has more information and deadlines (June 30!), including how and where to submit (we're still working on the latter, but that will be there soon).


The little conference on storytelling with data is back! We're switching gears a bit this year: we'll hold it much later and not attached to NICAR, as in the past. Tapestry 2018 will take place November 29 and 30 at the University of Miami (Alberto Cairo graciously made the connection). The program will be a little bit different, since we're planning a day and a half. We don't have much else to announce right now, but I did want to give folks a heads-up so you can consider it in your travel planning.

There is a little form on the Tapestry website where you can sign up to get updates about the conference. I frankly didn't expect many people to do that, since you can also follow on Twitter, but we've been getting a good number of people to sign up, which is nice to see (also a pretty good selection of interesting people!). More information, like speakers etc. is coming in a month or so, and I expect that we'll start taking registrations some time in September (that process will also be different and simpler than in the past).

Thanks to Catherine Madden for the great Tapestry announcement artwork!

Posted by Robert Kosara on May 29, 2018.