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Parallel Sets Announcement

Parallel Sets Release Date

We promised the release of the Parallel Sets program for the end of April, but we have to push it to May 7. The reason is quite simply lack of time: the semester is ending here at UNC Charlotte, and things are rather busy as a result. There is also the nuts-and-bolts work of making this work as an application for end-users that works well on at least two platforms (Windows and Mac OS X), and that can provide useful information when it doesn't.

The goal is to get it right out of the box. The program will not be able to do everything from the beginning, but those things it can do will need to work. I want to avoid the situation where people download the program only to be annoyed so much by its bugs that they never check back for updates.

Since the program is written in Java, it will run on a variety of platforms. Just providing the jar files is not exactly a great user experience, though. Instead, the Parallel Sets will behave like native programs on Windows and the Mac. That of course requires some additional work and testing.

But, to be honest, most of the last few weeks was actually spent on one particular thing: picking the right font for the logo. I think it has paid off.

Posted by Robert Kosara on April 29, 2009.