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A Storytelling Experiment

I need two minutes of your time. By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to one of several slightly different versions of a visual story about the development of the gross domestic product (GDP) in different countries. Watch it, play with it, and if you like it: share it. You will help us understand which types of storytelling work and which don't. There is no annoying survey, just a little story.

This is as much an experiment in running experiments as it is an experiment on storytelling: we're measuring the effectiveness of the different versions by tracking how often they are shared. Since we want to explore the real-world response of real people, we can't force them to sit down in front of a computer in a lab and act naturally. So instead, we want to watch how things get shared organically based on their merits.

Two minutes is all it takes. Participate in our storytelling experiment here.

Posted by Robert Kosara on March 7, 2012.