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VisWeek 2011 Doctoral Colloquium

The deadline for the VisWeek 2011 Doctoral Colloquium is only a few days away! This is your chance to get your work reviewed and discussed in detail by some of the most experienced researchers in information visualization, scientific visualization, or visual analytics. There is also a stipend to help with your conference registration and travel costs.


The Doctoral Colloquium (DC) is held on the first day of VisWeek (or the day before, depending on who ask), which is the Sunday, October 23rd. The event is only open to participants, invited panelists who discuss your work, and the organizers. That means that you can show unfinished work, talk freely about future plans, etc.

Every participant is assigned two panelists who read his or her written submission and discuss it and the presentation with the participant. In the DC, a lot more time for discussion is available than in a regular paper session.

As in the previous years, we have gotten a grant from the National Science Foundation to pay for participants' registration costs, as well as cover part of their travel.

This year, there will also be some additional activities that will be connected with the DC to give young, up-and-coming researchers more ways to get to know the more senior folks in the field. More on this will be announced later.

Who and How

The DC targets Ph.D. students who are close to their proposal defense, or about two years away from graduation. That stage is advanced enough to have a clear idea of their work, but still allows room for adjustments based on input from the community.

All areas covered in the VisWeek conferences are welcome. In the past years, scientific visualization was underrepresented, so we want to specifically encourage people working in that area to participate. But InfoVis and VAST are certainly welcome as well, of course.

As for the how, go to the Doctoral Colloquium page on the VisWeek website for more information. Feel free to email us or post a comment below if you have any questions.

The deadline for submissions in Monday, June 27.

Posted by Robert Kosara on June 21, 2011.