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Follow Me on Twitter!

If you enjoy reading my website, why not follow me on Twitter, too? So click the birdie above to get to my Twitter page!

I've had the link to Twitter in the sidebar of my site for a while, and I'm getting a slow but steady flow of new followers. This is a little experiment to see how many of you are on Twitter and haven't yet realized that you can follow me, too.

I tweet pointers to the stories on my website, but that's not nearly all I do on Twitter. There's personal stuff, there are links to interesting things I find, (short) rants about things that just bug me that moment, and more.

I'm probably also going to stop doing my own little microblog for VisWeek this year, and instead only do Twitter. It's a lot more fun with all the other visualization folks that are there now. It's also much more useable than having to manually refresh a webpage.

And if you haven't tried Twitter, this is your chance! There are lots of interesting people to follow, like the people on my Visualization Twitter List.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link!

Posted by Robert Kosara on August 2, 2010.