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Introducing Shift Register, My New Electronics Blog

I have started a new blog, which I call shift register. It's about electronics projects I'm doing, mostly building circuits on breadboards and playing with Arduinos.

Electronics have been an interest of mine since I was a child. I played with electronics kits from a very early age, and as a teenager spent countless hours soldering and desoldering stuff (mostly the latter even, there was a great little store that sold random circuit boards for cheap that I had a lot of fun taking apart and trying to figure out what the different components were).

I've recently started doing more of this stuff again, and figured a new blog was a good place to document my projects. These are going to mostly be small things, but hopefully interesting to some people. The first posting talks about a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) I built using just resistors (and, well, a shift register). I'm planning lots of other things like this, some analog, some digital circuits. Many will also include some sort of microcontroller component, mostly Arduinos.

Of course, since I'm also still very much interested in data visualization, the collection and analysis of data about the circuits will play a role too: the first posting includes some data collected about that DAC I built. I've also built a standing-desk tracker, which I will write up soon. There will also be reviews of books and equipment. Another thing I'm getting interested in is software-defined radio (SDR), so you might read about that at some point as well.

I'm planning on writing one or two postings there per month (and hope to get back to at least weekly postings here). There is an RSS feed, and the site will send a tweet to my main Twitter account when there's a new posting (I don't want to start a new account for the feed unless somebody asks for it).

Posted by Robert Kosara on April 26, 2016. Filed under meta.