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Further Steps Towards World Visualization Day

Since my first posting about the need for a World Visualization Day, I have started a basic website, opened a Facebook group, and taken a first shot at designing a logo. I have refined my ideas on the next steps as well as the support needed. Please support this idea by joining the facebook group, commenting here and on the WVD website, and most of all, by attending the BOF meeting at Vis.

You may have noticed the little news feed below the bookmarks on the right. I will slowly move over discussions of this topic to the dedicated website, so I can again concentrate on other topics here.

I hope to get support from the vgtc, and for that your participation in the BOF meeting will be very important (see the "Business Plan" for details). The facebook group has 24 members now, only seven of whom I invited. I hope this will grow substantially over the next two weeks, because it gives us a way to gauge interest. Right now, it is very difficult to tell how many people are interested in this topic, and how many will be willing to actually organize and host activities. But we will know more in about a week!

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 21, 2007.