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A Treemap Chart Pie

After his recent early chart pie attempts, Ben Shneiderman has now achieved the ultimate in chart pie baking: a treemap chart pie.

In case you're wondering about the significance of this momentous achievement: treemaps were Ben's idea.

Just as before, I'll just let Ben explain this one. I can't top his puns, anyway.

HI Robert, I finally got around to making my next pie... and this one is a treemap pie! Made with apples and pears.

Which makes it a pear-ified tree-mapple pie! (Groan!)

I'm not sure this is up to the level of quality for your blog, but maybe you'll find some clever way elevate the discourse.... maybe with a crusty pun, a slicing jibe, or an overbaked quip.

I wish I could offer you a slice... Ben


There's actually quite a bit of pie-engineering that goes into this sort of pie to keep it from drying out. Since the pie is round and a treemap square (or at least rectangular), I had suggested he try a Voronoi treemap – maybe a project for the future?

Ben's chart pies have pushed me to finally buy Eugenia Cheng's How to Bake π (see the glowing review here). It's a bit too late for VIS this year, but perhaps somebody wants to organize a visualization bake-off next year?

Posted by Robert Kosara on October 20, 2016.