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Graphic Continuum Flash Cards

Jon Schwabish and Severino Ribecca have turned their Graphic Continuum poster into a set of cards. They're a good way to expand your visual vocabulary and find new ideas for how to represent your data.

Each card shows one visualization technique as a stylized image on one side and a short definition on the other. They are grouped by color into six sets of related techniques, like ones used for comparing values, distributions, time, part-to-whole, etc.

The cards are a bit larger than regular playing cards, but there are 52 of them, just like in most packs of cards. There is no game component, but I'm sure somebody will figure out how to turn them into a drinking game.

The cards are available for $15. If you have a Graphic Continuum poster, you can also participate in a drawing to win a free set (until November 11).

Posted by Robert Kosara on November 9, 2016.