New Posting Frequency for 2012

In my enthusiasm about switching to WordPress, I made the mistake of tweeting about potentially increasing my posting frequency in 2012. While I have tried to stick to a roughly weekly schedule in the past, there have been weeks when I did not write anything. My hope is to increase the frequency to roughly twice a week and see how that goes. John Peltier and Jorge Camoes are planning on doing the same.

Here is how the whole thing happened. This will not look as good in a feed reader as on the site, but you will get the basic idea.

Jorge has been on fire lately with his posting on Patterns of Knowledge and his new series that is starting with a brilliant basic question: What is a chart?

Jon hasn’t written anything so far this year, but perhaps this posting will give him a jump-start.

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Robert Kosara

Robert Kosara is Senior Research Scientist at Tableau Software, and formerly Associate Professor of Computer Science. His research focus is the communication of data using visualization. In addition to blogging, Robert also runs and tweets.

4 thoughts on “New Posting Frequency for 2012”

  1. This is the day we start regretting new year’s resolutions, right? No? Oh, well…

    I’m writing pages and posts announcing pages. Since pages carry more weight, Jon and Robert agreed that this is the equivalent to three posts. Thanks guys!

    You didn’t???

    Seriously, I think we can do it. And I hope more datavis people will join us.

  2. I’m a huge fan of WordPress and use it for my own site, – welcome to the light side. I think you will find wp very effective for your work flow. You are on your own though for keeping your writing schedule. =P. Site looks great on mobile too.

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