The Interactive ZIPScribble Map

The idea behind the ZIPScribble Map is simple: Connect all the ZIP or postal codes in a country in ascending order. Does that produce chaos or some kind of pattern? Use this interactive map to explore.

At the bottom of the selector is also the Traveling Presidential Candidate Map.

The source code for this page is available on github.

ZIPScribble Map: France

ZIPScribbleMap France

The French are known for their beaurocracy, and the map seems to be an expression of that. Inside each r├ęgion, there are several clusters for the d├ępartements, neatly separated. Smaller departments are often thrown together with larger ones, though, and inside each cluster is a nice bit of scribble chaos to make things more interesting. To the south-east, you can see the Mediterranean island Corsica. Continue reading ZIPScribble Map: France