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ZIPScribbleMap Spain

ZIPScribble Map: Spain

Spain has an interesting internal structure in terms of postal codes. Rather than a lot of chaotic scribble, many of the lines do not cross over, a bit like on the Travelling Presidential Candidate Map. The only excaption is Galicia (GA), with its very dense scribble structure.

See also the interactive version!

In order to get a compact image, I had to move the Canary Islands to the north and east. This is indicated on the map. In additon, you can see the Balearic Islands to the east, in the Mediterranean. The little spot directly south of mainland Spain is Melilla, a Spanish possession in north Africa. Interestingly, Spain's other exclave Ceuta does not seem to have a Spanish postal code.

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Posted by Robert Kosara on January 7, 2007. Filed under zipscribble.