ZIPScribble Map: The Netherlands

ZIPScribbleMap Netherlands

Though one of the most densely populated countries, the Netherlands do not appear overcrowded in terms of postal codes.

See also the interactive version!

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3 thoughts on “ZIPScribble Map: The Netherlands”

  1. Nice ZIPsctibble maps!
    As a Dutchman I’d like to say that our ZIP system also contains two letters that could be included in the scribble. I think you’ll see much more of the crowd then ;-)

    Best regards

  2. I don’t really understand this map. First of all, why are there all kinds of separate scribbles that aren’t connected? Secondly, I am not sure on which “level” you took the postal codes, which in their full length are formatted like 1234 AB. Even if you take only the first part, the four digits, it seems like there are more different postal codes, especially in the bigger cities, than are connected on this map. Still, a very nice idea and the end result for most countries looks pretty cool! I was a little disappointed by the Netherlands…

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