VisWeek Preview: Live Coverage

VisWeek Tweet

Like last year, I will be live-blogging and tweeting from VisWeek. Here is some information on my plans and links to what others will be doing (that I know of). Feel free to add your links, Twitter handles, etc. in the comments.

I will write short postings (which I call glimpses) on this site. Starting Sunday, there will be a box with the latest glimpses on the front page. There will also be a separate RSS feed for these, so they won’t appear in the main site feed. Links for that will be posted once this is up.

These glimpses are meant to be extended tweets, which I find too limiting to describe what I’m thinking during talks. That also gives you a chance to comment, criticize my opinions, point to more information, etc. In addition, I will also use Twitter this time around, so follow me if you want to get all the information. While I don’t want to promise too much, I will also try to get some pictures up a bit closer to real-time than usual (i.e., not three months later). No guarantees on that, though.


Charl Botha will not only be liveblogging from this year’s VisWeek next week, but also from next year’s at the same time – so don’t get confused! Charl is also on Twitter.

Carlos Scheidegger has blogged about VisWeek in the past, and I’m sure he will again this year. Like many other young people these days, he can also be found spreading his wisdom on Twitter.

VisWeek also now has a Twitter account, which will be fed by Carlos (and others?). There isn’t anything there yet, but expect lots of activity next week (and make sure to complain to Carlos if there isn’t; or if there is too much SciVis and no InfoVis).

Twitter Hashtag: #visweek

I suggest we all use #visweek as the hashtag to identify tweets about the conference. It is custom to add the year in conferences, but I don’t see what that really adds. Each tweet already has a timestamp, anyway. And saving two digits is quite useful in the tight character budget of a tweet.

One challenge is to separate the different tracks that are happening at the same time, but that’s another reason to keep the main tag short. I’m not sure I want to add #infovs, #vis, #vast, etc. to every tweet;but if there’s a lot going on and it’s not clear from context, it’s probably a good idea to do that.

7 responses to “VisWeek Preview: Live Coverage”

  1. Carlos Scheidegger Avatar

    Given where I am now, I’ll personally try to balance Vis and InfoVis. But be sure to complain! I am about to figure out how to add devices to twitter, and so there is likely going to be more people tweeting as well (until about 6 weeks ago my cell phone did not even have SMS support – don’t ask :)

  2. Alark joshi Avatar

    I’m going to be blogging at the Visualization Blog and tweeting at I like the #visweek tag and have posted a few tweets with #visweek tag today.

  3. Marlena Compton Avatar

    So glad you guys are blogging this event.  I’m quite envious, and wish I was going.  I’ve tried live blogging before…not easy, so extra points to you.  I have seen techcrunch write about how they use cover it live.  Very curious if you use anything special or just blog your fingers off.

    Cant’ wait to read blogs and tweets!

  4. Robert Kosara Avatar
    Robert Kosara

    … are not what we are using ;) It’s just a few folks with laptops and enough spare time on their hands. It might not be all that real-time (see last year), and we’re not going to post pictures of new products the second they are revealed. But we’ll do our best to provide pointers to people who are not there, comment on what’s going on, and give you some idea what you’re missing.

  5. Charl Botha Avatar

    Great effort summarising all live-blogging and twitter efforts in this post Robert!  I sure am looking forward to linking up with all of you next week, that is to say if I can find time between all that staring at my little netbook screen typing away. :P

    I’ll definitely make use of the #visweek hashtag.

  6. Polprav Avatar

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  7. Robert Kosara Avatar
    Robert Kosara

    Sure, see the license thingy in the first sidebar on the right.