• Storytelling and Focus

    Storytelling and Focus

    There are many differences between data analysis and presentation. One that is often overlooked is the need to focus a story to just the essential points, and not overload it with unnecessary detail. Minard’s famous map is a great example of reduction to the bare minimum.

  • Storytelling: Minard vs. Nightingale

    Storytelling: Minard vs. Nightingale

    There is a lot of confusion about storytelling and what tells a story. I have argued previously that stories do not tell themselves. Rather, we tell the stories given raw materials. Some of these materials lend themselves better to ad-hoc storytelling, so we tend to say that they actually tell the story, when it’s really […]

  • From Data to Trends

    After my recent abstraction exercise created some interesting discussion but kind of went off in a slightly wrong direction, here is another experiment.