Lists of Influences

  • List of Influences: Jarke “Jack” van Wijk

    A colleague of mine describes Jarke van Wijk as “somebody who has not just worked in several areas of visualization, but also written the landmark papers in each of them.” His contributions include spot noise and image-based flow visualization, cushion treemaps (with Huub van de Wetering), optimal zooming and panning (with Wim A. A. Nuij), as well as reflections on the value of visualization. His sense of humor is also notable, and his talks are always very enjoyable. Reason enough, therefore, to consider him influential enough to ask him for a list of things that influenced him.

  • List of Influences: Chaomei Chen

    The second list of influences is by Chaomei Chen. He is an associate professor at Drexel University and the editor-in-chief of the Information Visualization journal. He has also authored or co-authored six books, the most recent of which is Information Visualization: Beyond the Horizon. His research interests include the visualization of social networks in general and co-citation networks in scientific publications.

  • List of Influences: Pat Hanrahan

    Since Pat Hanrahan was part of the reason for starting this project, it was only fair to ask him first. I also didn’t get all the titles written down that he mentioned, so there is also a practical reason …