• Review: Scott Christianson, 100 Diagrams That Changed the World

    I recently came across this book that claims to collect the 100 most important diagrams in the history of mankind. It’s a good collection, with many wonderful examples, though it has its flaws.

  • Visual Math Gone Wrong

    Visual Math Gone Wrong

    Data visualization is often used to just display data, with little thought put into supporting visual thinking. Giving people tools to do some visual math is a good idea; the visual properties need to be picked carefully however, to make this work.

  • The Changing Goals of Data Visualization

    The Changing Goals of Data Visualization

    The visual representation of data has gone through a number of phases, with its goals switching back and forth between analysis and presentation over time. Many introductions to visualization tend to portray historical examples as all being done for the same purpose. That, I argue in this short, incomplete, and cherry-picked history, is not true.