Blog 2013

  • Ben Shneiderman’s Treemap Art

    Ben Shneiderman’s Treemap Art

    Art imitates life, and sometimes art is inspired by research. Ben Shneiderman’s Treemap Art is unique in that it is the researcher himself (with Kazi Minhazur Rahman), rather than an artist, who has created the art pieces.

  • Scaling An Axis to Make A Point

    Scaling An Axis to Make A Point

    A clever chart redesign last week got a lot of people talking about which one is “right.” What is more interesting to me is not which one is (supposedly) the better representation of the truth, but which purpose each one serves.

  • A Lack of Communication and Visibility

    Finding visualization projects and pretty pictures on the web isn’t exactly difficult, but what about actual research? What if you wanted to know what’s going on in visualization, and get a sense of what current work is the most interesting? There is no resource for this that I’m aware of, but there should be.