Blog 2011


    Data visualization startup has been making some noise lately. From what I know so far, it looks a lot like Tableau, but presumably works in the browser. This could be a potential successor to Swivel, which folded a bit over a year ago, and maybe what Verifiable was trying to do.

  • Comments Closed, Switching to WordPress

    After more than five years, I’ve finally had it with Drupal. I’m switching the site to WordPress over the holidays. If you’re reading this through your feed reader, you should not notice a difference. The new site will look different and will have a few simple little features that will make it easier to browse. […]

  • You Only See Colors You Can Name

    While color is a purely visual phenomenon, the way we see color is not only a matter of our visual systems. It is well known that we are faster in telling colors apart that have different names, but do the names determine the colors or the colors the names? Recent work shows that language has a stronger influence than previously thought.