Blog 2010

  • HTML5 and Visualization on the Web

    HTML5 is an upcoming new standard not just for web markup, but also new graphical features. It will make it possible to build interactive visualizations right in the web browser, written in JavaScript. And despite what you might think about JavaScript, they will be fast.

  • My Journey to the Kingdom of NIPS

    Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the strange land of NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems), a kingdom in the far corners of the West, where the Machine Learners dwell. Some of the noblemen there had invited me so that the locals could get a close-up look at one of us Visualization People at one of their workshops.

  • Stories Don’t Tell Themselves

    Storytelling was a big topic at VisWeek this year: there was a workshop, a panel, and at least one paper about how to tell stories with visualization. One sentence I heard over and over was, “this photo/visualization/illustration tells a great story.” But pictures don’t tell stories, people do. An image, a visualization, data, etc. can only be the material the story is made from. I think it’s going to be important for visualization to understand this fundamental difference.