Seminal InfoVis Paper: Treisman, Preattentive Processing

A paper on a specific cognitive mechanism may seems like an odd choice as the first paper in this series, but it is the one that sparked the idea for it. It is also the one that has its 30th birthday this year, having been published in August 1985. And it is an important paper, and could play an even bigger role in visualization if properly understood and used. Continue reading Seminal InfoVis Paper: Treisman, Preattentive Processing

Seminal InfoVis Papers: Introduction

Some of the most fundamental and important papers in information visualization are around 30 years old. This is interesting for several reasons. For one, it shows that the field is still very young. Most research fields go back much, much further. Even within such a short time frame, though, there is a danger of not knowing some of the most important pieces of research. Continue reading Seminal InfoVis Papers: Introduction

Link: Data Stories Podcast 2014 Review

Episode 46 of the Data Stories podcast features Andy Kirk and yours truly in an epic battle for podcast dominance a review of the year 2014. This complements well my State of Information Visualization posting, and of course there is a bit of overlap (I wrote that posting after we recorded the episode – Moritz and Enrico are so slow). There are lots of differences though, and the podcast has the advantage of not just me talking. We covered a lot of ground there, starting from a general down about the year, to end up finding quite a few things to talk about (just check out the long list of links in the show notes!).

The State of Information Visualization, 2015

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that 2014 was not an exciting year in visualization. When we recorded the Data Stories episode looking back at 2014 last week (to be released soon), everybody started out with a bit of a downer. But plenty of things happened, and they point to even more new developments in 2015.
Continue reading The State of Information Visualization, 2015

Link: Businessweek Vintage Graphics

The BizWeekGraphics tumblr (well worth following in general) has a series of postings with a beautiful collection of graphics from the very early days of Businessweek, and also some more recent ones:

If you’re on Twitter, follow bizweekgraphics and its mastermind, Toph Tucker.