Links for “This Should Have Been A Bar Chart!” (Outlier 2022 Talk)

Below are links and a few additional resources for the examples I used in my talk, This Should Have Been A Bar Chart!, at Outlier 2022.

  1. Minard’s “Napoleon’s March”
  2. Florence Nightingale’s “Rose Plot” of Deaths at the Scutari Hospital
  3. NWS Seattle, For temperatures, it’s all downhill from here
  4. Christoper Ingraham, Get your vaccines, guys
  5. McKinsey & Company, If cows were a country, they would be among the top greenhouse-gas emitters
  6. My paper with Drew Skau, An Evaluation of the Impact of Visual Embellishments in Bar Charts
  7. Zacks et al., Reading Bar Graphs: Effects of Extraneous Depth Cues and Graphical Context
  8. My paper with Matt Brehmer, From Jam Session to Recital: Synchronous Communication and Collaboration Around Data in Organizations
  9. Driving Safety, In Fits And Starts
  10. My paper with Steven Franconeri and Steve Haroz, The Connected Scatterplot for Presenting Paired Time Series
  11. The Economist, Growing apart
  12. The Economist, First among equals
  13. The New York Times, Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys
  14. Average Female Height
  15. Gabrielle Merite, Hold Me Longer
  16. Seattle Times, What is the Seattle area’s favorite pie flavor?
  17. This one was just an illustration at the end, no link here :)